The AI Assistant of a smart life

Contextual text standardization

Perform automatic text standardization in the input documents such as numbers, dates, addresses ...

Vietnamese voice with natural and emotionally rich intonation

Apply natural language processing technology, digital signal processing, deep learning and speech synthesis in producing our 4 voices (male voice; female voice; reading books and reading newspaper), helping generate natural reading voice with appropriate breaks and expressions depending on the context.

Foreign words prediction pronunciation

Utilize artificial intelligence technology, automatically extracting and predicting how to read foreign words accurately according to the international convention system.

Reading speed customization

Offer many reading speed options, ranging from very slow to extremely fast, allowing users to choose the suitable level according to their demands and purposes.

Convenient product storage and usage

Convert text directly on the user interface of the website into audio files of popular formats, such as MP3, WAV.
Support audio files split. Quickly integrate into the service of the business via API, meeting all requirements of users scale as well as demands for sudden loads of the system.

Speech to text

Convert voice to text with low latency, fast conversion speed, analyze and preprocess weak signal audio before converting to ensure accuracy.

Voice verification

Voice verification is the science of using a person’s voice as a uniquely identifying biological characteristic in order to authenticate user's voice.